What I Think About Dealing With Emotions In Therapy

What I Think About Dealing With Emotions In Therapy

therapy appointmentTherapy can be a great place for helping people to deal with emotions. I’ve seen instances where it’s necessary for people to speak with a therapist to move forward. I’ve basically been in that type of position myself, too, I’m sure. My sister is currently seeing a therapist. I could definitely use one, but let me tell you how my experience has shaped the way that I think right now.

Tell a therapist enough information

therapy clinicWhenever something difficult arises in my life, I recognize three things. First, I look to God. Second, I remember that family members I am really close to losing a child. Third, I recognize that the older I get, the longer it would take to tell a therapist enough information to sort out any of my issues.

All of that said, I plug away, joyful in God, knowing that He will take care of my problems. That doesn’t mean that I or any other person shouldn’t see a therapist. It’s just how I feel right now based on where I’m at in my life. Each person has different experiences, and as I mentioned, I completely understand why it’s good to see a therapist and how it has worked for those that I love.

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