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“Saving the life of one child can change the world”
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Young children more likely to be killed by parents than others
Parents who kill their children are receiving more attention in several national studies.
Classification of Child Homicide by Parent
Investigators at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas are providing insight into a most disturbing crime - the killing of a child by a parent, or filicide.
When Parents Kill - Why fathers do it. Why mothers do it.
It will do a good deal to advance the cause of children's rights if we begin to consider them as legal entities in and of themselves.
The dilemma of lethal child abuse
Failures in the system meant to protect kids are not easy to pinpoint.
"For many people, it's emotionally and philosophically easier to point fingers, than to look at it as a communitywide problem that we're all responsible for." said Diana Goldberg, executive director of Sungate, an Arapahoe County child advocacy organization.
Mothers killing kids can't turn into old news
Exact figures are sketchy, but the FBI estimates that every two to three days, somewhere in this country there's an incident of a mother killing her child.
Killing or injury to children on rise
Between 1976 and 1997, approximately 11,000 children were murdered by those who gave them life or were supposed to give them care.
Why do parents kill their children?
As New Hampshire and the nation grapple with the question of why a seemingly devoted father would kill his own children, experts offer a range of possible explanations.